Advising three of the largest US utilities* on pressing issues of climate change, renewable energy, and efficiency

In recent years, GreenOrder has worked with leading utilities to anticipate and respond to regulatory and stakeholder pressures and capture new sources of business value.

Clients' Challenges
Major utilities have retained GreenOrder to:

  • Adapt their business models in the context of national carbon legislation, innovative new entrants, and growing stakeholder demand for cleaner sources of power
  • Contribute to the development of fair and meaningful carbon legislation and communicate this commitment to key stakeholders and the broader public
  • Develop a product structure and market positioning for a carbon offset service
  • Devise a plan to extend capacity in response to projections of dramatic demand growth while responding adequately to environmental concerns

GreenOrder's Approach
GreenOrder has provided strategic guidance to senior leadership, including CEOs, on:

  • Anticipating and proactively addressing major political, regulatory, industry, and broader constituent risks and opportunities
  • Engaging critical stakeholders -- including current and potential customers, regulators, NGOs and policymakers -- in a productive dialogue
  • Establishing an effective method for selling carbon offsets through a B2B partnership

With GreenOrder's Assistance:

  • One utility developed a cooperative, multi-party strategy that dramatically improved its environmental performance and set the stage for a revitalization of its business
  • Another utility was positioned with a proactive plan to market carbon offsets

*In the interest of client confidentiality, this document amalgamates our work with several clients in the utility sector

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