GreenOrder is Featured on MSN's Cool Runnings

October 4, 2010

GreenOrder is profiled by MSN as a mission-driven organization that is helping businesses "outgreen the competition."

"Unless you've been stuck under a rock, you know that 'going green' has been one of the biggest trends in business this past decade. A simple Bing search of "going green" generates more than 200 million results. To help businesses turn sustainability from a trendy buzzword into a long-term commitment, New York City-based management consulting firm GreenOrder takes a strategic approach.

First, its clients need to understand that 'green means better,' said GreenOrder president Andrew Shapiro. "[In] the old days, green usually meant a sacrifice - not today. Green should actually convey to a consumer that this product or service is better than what you can get in the market.

Since 2000, GreenOrder's staff of scientists, lawyers and management consultants has helped companies like GE, Polo Ralph Lauren and General Motors create operational efficiencies, spur energy innovation and create new products and services to drive profitability."

Full article: MSN