Competing in a clean economy requires bold leadership, new thinking, and enterprise-wide action. At GreenOrder, we see environmental sustainability as a business challenge and an unprecedented opportunity to catalyze growth.

Competitive advantage through environmental innovation

GreenOrder is a management consulting group that helps companies gain competitive advantage through environmental innovation. We believe that businesses create a more sustainable world not simply because it's the right thing to do, but because it's the right thing to do for business. In short, we believe in making progress profitable.

Since 2000, GreenOrder has partnered with senior executives at more than 100 global enterprises, including DuPont, General Electric, General Motors, HP, JPMorgan Chase, Pfizer, Polo Ralph Lauren, and several of the largest U.S. electric utilities. Through our groundbreaking work, we have transformed the way business leaders view sustainability, create new products and services, relate to their stakeholders, and drive billion-dollar growth.

Rethinking products, processes, and relationships

Embedding environmental innovation across your organization means changing the way it operates, creates, and engages in order to seek new business opportunities and advance positive change. Whether your company is an industry pioneer looking to extend its leadership role and disrupt the market, or a newcomer looking to become more proactive on sustainability issues, GreenOrder offers practical and effective strategies to help you improve:

The right balance of environmental expertise and business acumen

Leveraging a unique position at the intersection of business and the environment, the GreenOrder team translates and adapts ideas from diverse industries and disciplines. We are known for turning complex research and analysis into creative insights that work in practice. And we're passionate about helping companies adopt environmental innovation that drives performance, embraces transformation, inspires stakeholders, and delivers sustained competitive advantage.

Merger announced

On October 2, 2012, Cleantech Group, a leading market intelligence and advisory firm focused on innovation, and LRN, a company that helps corporations foster ethical, winning cultures and inspire principled performance in their operations, announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement to merge Cleantech Group and GreenOrder, formerly a sustainability strategy consulting subsidiary of LRN. For more information, please read our press release.